Monthly Archives: May 2014

VAT Part 2 : Which VAT scheme to operate?

At JSA we are often asked by contractors operating through their own limited company which VAT scheme they should operate. There are various schemes open to contractors who wish to or have to register their business for VAT, each with their pros and cons. Standard The majority of businesses will operate a standard VAT scheme, […]

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HMRC to axe online-only rule for VAT returns

Following a recent consultation, HM Revenue and Customs has agreed to relax the rule that all VAT returns must be filed online. HMRC will now allow telephone and paper filing, after a court found that the online rule infringed business owners’ human rights. Businesses will be able to file VAT returns over the telephone after […]

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HMRC to help themselves

As announced in last month’s Budget, HMRC is seeking new powers to recover debts direct from the bank accounts of debtors. The Government believes that  some taxpayers and tax credit claimants who owe monies to HMRC have enough in their bank accounts to clear their debts but choose not to pay, despite having been chased […]

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