Monthly Archives: August 2014

Why All Umbrellas are not equal

There’s a plethora of umbrella companies to choose from. Many advertise generous rates of take home pay and make boasts about the level of expenses a contractor may claim. Some even go so far as to claim to be “HMRC approved” or “100% compliant”. Ultimately it is your attitude to risk that could determine which […]

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OTS new review into employment status

The Office of Tax Simplification has commenced a  newest review into employment status. The review seeks to examine the dividing line between employment and self-employment, and determine ‘whether it is drawn in the right place and in the right way’. The review will consider whether the UK’s current employment status tests cause uncertainty, and in […]

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90% of complaints against HMRC upheld

An independent complaints review body has ordered HMRC to pay £4.4m in refunds and write-offs last year and upheld 94% of PAYE complaints. The tax adjudicator reviews complaints against HMRC, as well as against the Valuation Office Agency and the Insolvency Service. The adjudicator’s annual report for 2013-14 shows that during the year over 2,000 […]

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