A year in review: JSA’s successes over the last 12 months

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Corporate Blog, JSA Services Updates, News

Now well into the swing of 2019, we are looking forward to seeing more growth across JSA’s services and continuing our mission to support our valued clients through changing legislation and growing compliance in the thriving flexible workforce sector. It is our key achievements over the last 12 months that form the foundation for JSA to enter an exciting new stage of growth, development and service offering, some of which we review below…

Incredible investment opportunity

In May, we secured professional investment with the sale of a large minority stake to Universal Partners. This excellent partnership provides us with expertise and funding to continue developing our products, services and market reach, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of service for our client base in the contingent labour market and beyond.

Successful refinancing

We also completed a refinancing of the business, enhancing our capability to fund an exciting new period of acquisition in the sector.

Consolidation in the sector remains a huge opportunity to build a world-class range of services and expertise for our clients, driven by increasing demand for the highest compliance standards and service levels in the sector.

Exciting acquisitions

In October and November, we were thrilled to announce the acquisition of two fantastic businesses: K&B Accountancy Group – a specialist in premium accountancy services, with a specific focus and presence in the City of London and its associated market sectors of finance, banking and IT; and Crest Plus Operations – a market-leader in providing solutions to the construction sector.

Both acquisitions came with excellent quality client bases and valuable customer relationships. Plus, they give us the chance to broaden our product offering, industry expertise and range of channels to market.

Great people

JSA, of course, retains its status as a fully accredited, founding member of the industries pre-eminent regulatory body – the FCSA.

In September 2018, we were delighted to announce that our Head of Accounting Operations was elected to the post of Chairman of this group.

Looking to the future

Following these noteworthy milestones, the JSA group now looks after over 15,000 valued freelance and contracting clients and businesses across a full range of market leading, compliant and value-add outsourced services.

As we progress through 2019, our focus will remain on investing in and broadening our products, service capabilities and technology. We will also continue to enhance the services we provide to our contractor and agency customers, consolidating our great market position and driving growth.

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