Construction and finance freelancers some of most secure jobs in UK

Study shows that construction and finance freelancers some of most secure jobs in UK

A recent study of over 2,000 UK employees has shown that those working in the construction sector are some of the most professionally secure staff in the UK workforce.

Other secure industries are finance, wholesale and hospitality.

The study showed that just 18% of construction workers reported feeling worried about loss of work, far below the national average of 23%. This shows an increase in job security since the economic recession; in 2009 just 47% of those working in construction reported feeling secure in their work. This increase in professional security is linked to the skills gap within the construction sector creating confidence amongst those whose skills are in demand.

Ben Dunn, Finance Director at JSA Services comments, “These statistics are should be very pleasing to those freelancers in the construction and finance sectors. The skills gap has meant an increase in the availability of good quality work, which had been hard to come by during the recession. Now is the time for optimism, and to take advantage of the increasing number of opportunities available to freelancers in the improving economic climate.”

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