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Coronavirus and Business Continuity

Information for employment agencies.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, increasing the likelihood of business interruption for many businesses, we understand that our supply chain partners rightly will take an interest in the resilience of our business and seek insights into the measures we are taking to ensure seamless continued operations.

This article sets out the measures JSA has taken to ensure the continued servicing of our clients.

Summary of JSA:

JSA is the second largest Umbrella Company and PSC Service provider in the UK, with a group turnover in excess of £200m, ~240 staff, servicing approximately 19,000 workers every day from locations around the UK (Watford – HQ, Canary Wharf, Chester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Hitchin). JSA is part owned by a publicly listed entity and are well capitalised and funded.

Ensuring business continuity

  1. JSA takes business continuity very seriously and has a group plan in place which is in keeping with the scale of our operations. In summary:

a) In the event of building closures, we have long held Sunguard as a supplier of disaster recovery work space and are able to decant our staff into Sunguard’s offices, where we can continue to use our operational systems which are hosted via Sunguard’s private cloud. Sunguard is the top supplier of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity infrastructure services to UK businesses, including many blue-chip financials. Where it may be more convenient to do so, we are also able to reciprocally relocate our staff between our various geographical locations.

b) In the event of broadscale home isolation of our staff, our systems can present all key applications to 86% of our group staff operating from home. We expect this number to grow to 95% by the end of March.

c) Both measures noted in (a) and (b) have been extensively tested end to end, including the ability to process payroll.

2. We have increased and deepened the cleaning rotation and type of cleaning of premises, provided our staff with hand sanitation, decreased the number of visits to and from our locations, and have communicated extensively government advice regarding prevention, containment, foreign travel and contact with those who have travelled to hot spots.

3.  The measures above, specifically point 1, will ensure that we are able to service all our clients seamlessly throughout the virus period without interruption. Processing of payments, servicing queries from workers, and all other functions currently in operation will continue to operate without interruption.

We will update you as required but if you require further information in the meantime, please contact your Business Development Manager or call us on 01923 257257.

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