Our story

JSA has been operating specialist, outsourced services for recruitment agencies, freelancers, contractors and the wider self-employed market for over 30 years. We are market-leading experts in the field and have seen and navigated all manner of changes in the flexible labour sector during that time.

We have looked after tens of thousands of individual customers across thousands of partner relationships. We value a partnership approach and we have long-standing relationships with many large recruiters, as well as our 25,000 strong customer base of individual contractors and freelancers, who choose to work with us because of our compliance and commitment to great customer service.

Our service comes with a wide range of benefits. The most important however is having people to look after you and go the extra mile. Our account managers build close relationships with our clients and partners and are there to advise and support and to provide a joined up, hassle free service.

We truly are experts in the field, with access to a wide range of further professional specialist advisers. JSA is a founder and fully accredited member of the FCSA (Freelancer and Contractor Services Association), the most reputable trade body and rigorous enforcer of compliance and customer service standards in the contracting sector, underpinned by a wide-ranging annual audit by EY.

Meet the Team

Our Exec team is comprised of professionals with previous careers at PwC, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs and other blue chip companies, as well as several recruitment and accountancy sector organisations.

Great people

We’ve worked hard over the years sourcing and training great people to work at JSA.

Fanatical service

We strive to ensure every single one of our 25,000 clients consistently gets the same, great service .

Leading technology

We harness the best in-house developed and 3rd party software to deliver market-leading user experience, efficient processing and consistent service levels.


Our end-to-end operating platform allows us to scale our service quickly to ensure we seamlessly adapt to our client needs.

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