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Supporting clients through the IR35 reforms

With the IR35 reforms being of such great importance to our customers, we are working hard to provide tailored advice and guidance to ensure contractors get the support they need – which is why we were so pleased to receive this email just a few days ago:

“I’ve been a contractor for over 20 years, and previously a customer of JSA. Along with many others I’m currently closing my Limited Company and considering Umbrella. I was provided with a list of the 30 or so FCSA Umbrella companies and encouraged by my agency and end client to call a few already known to them (not JSA).


“After calling these and explaining my own circumstances, they were very quick in telling me my take-home pay, without taking into account any pension or personal tax code considerations which apply to me. They were also less than forthcoming about explaining to me exactly how they were arriving at the figures I was being quoted. The approach seemed to be, our calculator doesn’t do that, and you’ll know for certain once you join us and our payroll team calculate your first pay slip. This approach was not building my confidence in anything these companies were offering, nor that I wouldn’t be hit by a retrospective tax bill in the future for going over £125K.


“That is, until I called JSA today and spoke to one of your team Josh Winch. He was professional, friendly and knowledgeable and asked all of the questions I’d expect to be asked before being given a “bottom line”. He explained to me about pension contributions, was more than happy to walk through the order of each step of calculation and the content. He knew immediately about my daily rate taking me over the personal tax code threshold, and how you accounted for that in my first year payslip. Overall he restored my faith in this whole process, and without question has gained you my business.

“I have a colleague who is in a similar position to me, who is having a similarly confusing time, and I’ll be sending him in your direction as well. It makes a massive difference having a team who actually understand the whys and hows of the industry, and understand how the current legislation is affecting many contractors like myself.

Please pass on my thanks to Josh for a job very well done.”

David Cairns, Contractor

Can we help you too?

If you need help navigating the IR35 reforms, please do get in touch.  Our team have significant experience in guiding contractors through the legislation and helping them to make the choices that are right for them.

Because we offer a range of contracting payment solutions, with JSA you can:

  • Get the advice you need to make the right decisions that suit your personal circumstances.
  • Toggle between PSC and Umbrella contracting, if required.  There is no charge for our Umbrella if we look after your PSC accounts.
  • Easily switch from PSC to our FCSA-accredited compliant Umbrella, if that’s the right option for you.  Registration takes just a few minutes.  Once you’re registered, your Umbrella service is set up and ready to use whenever you need it.
  • Enjoy a range of benefits as an Umbrella employee.  You can even continue to pay into your personal pension with JSA Umbrella.

Register for our PSC/Umbrella solution today or request a callback to discuss your circumstances with our expert team.

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