HMRC announce survey for those who have faced IR35 investigation

Contractors who have been under IR35 investigation in the past year will be surveyed by HMRC, as part of a wider plan from the Government to survey all taxpayers who have had their tax affairs scrutinised.

The proposed survey is designed to inform the IR35 review run by the IR35 Forum and HMRC. Questionnaires will be sent to those contractors who have been investigated under the new process, whilst a slightly amended questionnaire will be sent to all taxpayers at the close of an IR35 enquiry.

However, HMRC has not yet gained approval on sending out such a survey, and has previously been prevented from doing so.

HMRC intends on its data regarding the new IR35 process being released as part of the overall review, which is expected to be published this summer. HMRC is also planning on publishing a seven-part online guide to IR35, which will outline the legislation and make guidance much clearer.

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