COVID-19: Tips on working at home with kids

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Blog, Covid-19

8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained

“Can we go out yet? Can we go out yet? CAN WE GO OUT YET?”. The schools are now closed to children whose parents are not key workers.

For those of us who found it difficult enough to amuse children on long car journeys, the next three months are a daunting prospect. Parents are being set a gargantuan challenge by the COVID-19 lockdown: Keep educating your kids, keep entertaining your kids, and keep your kids fit and healthy. Oh, and by the way, please keep working!

Fortunately, there’s a plethora of ideas and resources online to help occupy the little ones’ time during self-isolation. Wanting to get some work done? We recommend keeping the children busy by incorporating some of the following into their daily routine:

  • P.E. With Joe

At 9am every weekday internet sensation Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks invites kids (and any willing parents) to join him for a fun 30 minute workout via his Youtube channel. No equipment necessary – no excuses!

  • 30 Day Lego Challenge

It’s a busy life being a Lego builder. One day you’re asked by an amusement park to design a new rollercoaster, the next you’re building a rocket for NASA. If you print off a 30 Day Lego Challenge calendar, by the end of the month your child will be a master builder.

  • Origami Fun

As if the house wasn’t crowded enough right now, it will soon be filled with cats, butterflies and dragons. Origami Fun not only has printable directions for creating some amazing paper models, but video tutorials too.

  • Code Playground

Snowball fights and dinosaur quizzes! Every weekday, via their Digital Eagles Twitter channel, Barclays Bank offer free sessions to help kids learn the basics of coding.

  • Big Kitchen Disco

Get your glow sticks at the ready and remove all breakables from the room! Every night at 7pm there’s a party on Twitter, and you’re all invited.

  • National Theatre At Home

Treasure Island! Shakespeare! James Corden! Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean your children can’t experience a bit of culture. Every Thursday the National Theatre London releases a play from their extensive back catalogue to view free for a week on YouTube.

  • Quarantine Art Club

You might want to throw an old sheet over the dining room table for this one. Artist Carson Ellis is posting daily drawing assignments to help keep children (and adults) occupied during isolation. By the time quarantine is over you’ll have forgotten what colour the fridge door is.

  • The Shows Must Go On

A crash of drums, a flash of light! Fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber are in for a treat. For 48 hours every Friday from 7pm he’s releasing a musical for viewing free on his The Shows Must Go On YouTube channel. The first show is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Now that you’ve got plenty of fun activities for the children to do, you just need to work out how to resist taking part in it all yourself!

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