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IR35 Complete for Reliable Contractor Assessment

It is now more important than ever for agencies to have access to a robust IR35 assessment tool which is easy to use and reliable.

IR35 Complete from JSA is an end-to-end solution which enables you to manage assessment, engagement and risk throughout your contingent workforce supply chain – with ease and transparency.

Reduce risk and ensure compliance

IR35 Complete is our practical, holistic solution to IR35 compliance. It includes our online tool to assess roles and individual engagements and it quickly and easily provides all parts of the supply chain with a reliable status determination.

How it works

  1. At an agency’s prompt, relevant parts of the supply chain complete a simple, clear set of online questions which deliver an HMRC-compliant status determination.
  2. The agency dashboard provides full control over the contractor engagement process and status.
  3. This allows your agency and the contractor to select the relevant onward provider of Umbrella or payroll services.

Ease, reliability, transparency

Our IR35 assessment tool is designed to give agencies complete control and transparency through the supply chain, with the ability to manage the engagement of contractors from status determination to payroll provider.

It is designed to allow your agency to control the process, with all relevant parties interacting transparently throughout the supply chain.  The tool quickly delivers reliable, clear and insurable status determinations for each role or engagement. This allows the supply chain to continue to engage outside IR35 contractors, where compliant, with confidence and reduced risk.

Benefits of IR35 Complete

  • Meets HMRC’s requirements for valid Status Determination Statement.
  • Aligned with established case law.
  • Makes a firm judgement in borderline cases.
  • Outside IR35 determination can be separately insured to cover all parties in the supply chain.
  • Easy to use, the tool produces an instant SDS.
  • Includes vendor/PSL management functionality.
  • Dashboard that can be monitored and controlled by the agency.
  • Complete supply chain solution – clear and transparent communication between all parties in the supply chain.
  • Can be white-labelled for agency use with end clients.
  • Access to IR35 and tax experts for tailored advice and guidance.

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