JSA renews FCSA membership

Leading provider of specialist accountancy, payroll and employment services to contractors and freelancers, JSA Services is pleased to announce that it has successfully renewed its FCSA (Freelancer and Contractor Services Association) membership for another year.

In order to remain affiliated with the FCSA, each year JSA must undergo a detailed review (most recently conducted by Ernst & Young) to assess how JSA operates and to ensure that the company remains compliant to FCSA standards for both Umbrella and Limited Company.

Accountancy firm Ernst & Young has confirmed that they are satisfied JSA remain fully compliant and will therefore retain their FCSA affiliation for another year.

Founded in 2008, the FCSA has become the top independent industry association for service providers in the professional freelance workforce market. It was formed to set the standard for companies providing services to the professional freelance workforce and works closely with member organisations and key stakeholders to create a dedicated code of practice to encompass the range of businesses that operate in the service provider sector.

Adhering to the code of practice (independently reviewed and tested with results disclosed to HMRC) demonstrates that members are acting both professionally and ethically within the UK tax, employment and regulatory laws. Coupled with financial stability tests, the FCSA Code of Conduct is a model of self-regulation and proof that professional businesses can take the lead in delivering the highest levels of industry standards.

In order to renew their FCSA affiliation for a further year, JSA had to undergo a comprehensive and rigorous review process by a Top 4 accountancy firm (Ernst & Young), including its business services, operations, policies and processes.

James Harris, Head of Compliance at JSA, said: “We’re delighted to have successfully renewed our FCSA affiliation for another year. At JSA, compliance underpins all areas of our business. Our continuous commitment to only the highest standards of compliance has been evidenced by our membership of the FCSA. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers always receive a level of professionalism and service from us that translates into more efficient processing and fewer complaints. We endeavour to achieve the highest standards for our customers by remaining fully compliant with all UK tax and employment legislation.”

Ben Dunn, Managing Director at JSA added: “As the FCSA is a recognised and trusted voice for the service providers sector, the FCSA renewal allows us to set the benchmark in offering the highest standards for professional compliance. Our customers can rest assured that they are dealing with the most compliant service providers in the business, which means risk to them is minimised. This also gives our customers added peace of mind that we have the adequate financial strength to provide the services we offer and that we are totally transparent in how we operate.”

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