Considering Contracting? Make Sure You Start Out Strong

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Blog, Ltd Company, Start Out Strong Campaign

4.35 million people in the UK are self-employed. To support new contractors in the first stages of your freelance journey, we’ve launched a range of resources to help you Start Out STRONG.



Have you ever felt that you were wasting away precious hours at work, watching the clock tick by until you can finally go home and spend time with the people you love or doing something you’re truly passionate about?

If so, then freelancing could be the perfect solution for you.

With self-employment and the freelancer sphere on the brink of rebounding and facilitating the UK’s economic recovery, this is the best time to get started as a contractor. In fact, according to a report by Lumio, 60% of UK businesses say they plan to increase their use of freelancers in 2021 – so there couldn’t be a better time to dive in.

To help you take your first steps on your path to successful freelancing, we’re launching a collection of materials directed at new, first-time contractors.

Our Start Out STRONG resources are designed to provide tools, advice, and services to anyone considering contracting or at the early stages of their freelance career – no matter which sector you’re in.


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Let us help you Start Out STRONG.

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  • Your guide to freelancing (including advice on maximising your income, your company formation checklist, tips on finding the best work, lessons from successful freelancers and much more…)
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  • Tailored advice on tax and accounting from our specialists with a free 30-minute consultation.

There’s a reason why approximately 4.35 million people in the UK are self-employed.

Take control of your future and start making the most of the freedom of self-employmentdownload our guide here or book a consultation now.




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