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Outsourced Employment Solutions

A simple and reliable option that gives you the opportunity to outsource all of your contractor payroll and employment activity – reducing costs, risks, and time spent on compliance and process, while providing a solution that is simple and transparent for all contractors to understand.

Outsourced Employment (PEO)

For many end hirers and agencies, managing payroll for employees is a huge distraction. Our outsourced employment (PEO) solution means you can outsource the payroll and employment responsibilities for your contractors, safe in the knowledge that they are getting paid accurately and on time, and your compliance responsibilities are taken care of. This reduces your administrative time and costs, mitigates risk, and allows you to focus on your core activities.

We’ll also help you manage the payroll and employment of contractors who are ‘inside IR35’ if you don’t wish to take on the payroll and employment responsibilities. PEO makes pay simpler to understand which is beneficial to contractors who have to switch their working practices.

We’ll take care of everything to provide you with a hassle-free payroll and employment solution, so you can reduce the admin effort and costs of contractor payroll.

Download Our Guide

If you are a recruitment agency and would like to know more about how we can help you with outsourced employment, please download our comprehensive guide, outlining the benefits for you and your contractors.


Our outsourced employment service is designed to be a simple, straight-forward way to manage your contingent workforce. We take care of all administrative areas including employment rights, benefits, payroll, and tax deductions, so that we can provide you with an efficient employment solution.

You’ll pay the employer overheads and outsource fee out of the contract rate, and the contractor will simply receive a payslip with their gross pay.

With our outsourced employment solution, you’ll benefit from less risk, reduced costs of contractor payroll, and peace of mind that your work force is 100% complaint.

Looking after your business

Our service includes everything you need from a compliant, reliable employment partner:

  • Dedicated account management support for ease and simplicity.
  • Processing of timesheets & pay details.
  • Generation of payslips.
  • RTI (Real Time Information) submissions to HMRC.
  • Processing of holiday pay and expenses.
  • Administration and support of auto-enrolment pension.
  • BACS payment management.
  • HMRC BACS payments.

THE BENEFITS of our service


Complete payroll management and employment solution tailored to your needs.


Supply chain transparency with reporting and evidence – particularly important with the recent introduction of KID documentation and IR35.


A simple system for contractors to understand – with no deductions from their agreed pay rate.


Potential reduction in contractor payroll fees.


Saves you time and removes the fixed overhead of in-house staff, training, and IT systems.


Contractor online portal.


Comprehensive contractor benefits package.


SMS notification when you are paid.


One consolidated invoice – issued monthly or weekly depending on your prearranged agreement.


Suitable for NMW/NLW workers, as well as higher earners.


Management of all aspects of tax, holiday pay, and employment rights.


Ongoing advice and support from our team of outsourced employment and contractor experts.


Continuity of employment for workers.


Full insurance coverage.


Our in-house experts can advise and guide corporates, agencies, and contractors on all aspects of outsourced employment. We have more than 30 years’ experience in providing high quality payment solutions for the flexible workforce. Customer service lies at the heart of what we do – we aim to make life simpler, easier, and more agile for all involved.

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