Switching accountants is easy!

Our experienced accountants can make it hassle-free to switch

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Switching accountants couldn’t be easier with our hassle-free switching service

We’ve made the process of switching accountants simple and hassle-free, ensuring we do all the hard work and you can be safe in the knowledge your accounting affairs will be managed seamlessly during the transition.

1. Speak to our experienced team

Call us for a consultation and we’ll guide you through the process of how to switch.

2. Your previous accountant

Let your previous accountant or umbrella company know that you will be leaving.

3. Speak with your new accountant

Get to know your new accountant at JSA and they’ll guide you through the process and start the transfer process.

What about a High-Street Accountant?

If you’re considering switching accountants, you may have considered contacting a local accountant. While this may be a suitable solution, there’s nothing quite like working with a specialist. Our accountancy packages are created specifically for the self-employed and include all the relevant services you need as standard.

Why consider JSA Services as your accounting partner

Expert & Professional

We’ve been providing professional, expert accountancy services for 30+ years.

Compliance Credentials

We ensure our services our fully compliant so you don’t need to worry.

Dedicated Accountant

Your own expert and experienced accountant, providing unlimited advice.

Comprehensive Service

Fully comprehensive service providing all your accounting needs.

Free Accounting Software

Market leading, MTD-approved online software and mobile app from Freeagent.

Bespoke Accounting

We provide a bespoke accounting service to you and ensure you are expertly taken care of.

Unlimited Service

Unlimited support to ensure you get the best possible advice from your accountant

Accredited Service

Accredited with the FCSA to ensure our standards are second-to-none.

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