Which solution is right for you?

For some, an umbrella solution is the best option as it allows you to concentrate on your assignments with very little administration.

With JSA's umbrella solution you become an employee of JSA and you receive full UK employment rights.

So how will you benefit?

  • Your full employment rights are guaranteed by JSA.
  • You can work safe in the knowledge your PAYE and NI deductions have been taken care of.
  • You have continuity of employment whilst moving from agency to agency
  • One tax code across multiple agency assignments
  • You will enjoy JSA's exclusive employee benefits programme which includes retail offers and discounts in top stores.
  • You will have access to JSA's workplace pension scheme, NEST.

For others, running their own limited company is the best option. If you intend to freelance as a career, or for a significant period (usually more than six months), and you earn more than £25 per hour, a limited company could be just right for you.

This option does require more of a commitment, as you'll have a number of statutory and financial obligations; for example you will have to submit annual accounts and potentially, quarterly VAT returns, run the company solvently and responsibly and meet your HMRC tax deadlines.

But, running your own company comes with many benefits. It is often the most tax efficient way of working, which can mean an increased level of take-home pay (generally 75-80% if your contract falls outside of the IR35 legislation).  You will also have complete control over your business and the limited liability will protect your personal assets should your company get into difficulties.

So how will you benefit?

  • Wider expense allowances than umbrella.
  • Protection of  limited liability status.
  • Credibility and professionalism of being a limited company.
  • Ability to pay dividends (subject to IR35 status and available reserves).
  • Flexibility over when to take income out of the company.
  • Potential for VAT benefits where applicable.